Halmax was born in 1996 as a GE Oil & Gas – Nuovo Pignone Firenze’s engineering study, specialized mainly in accessorial parts designing for turbogas installations such as filter rooms, inlet and exhaust ducts, dampers and diverters, air cooler, structures, acoustic hoods cabins, buildings and metal framing in different sectors, from the industrial to the urban architecture divisions.


On 11 May 2010 Halmax and Tecnoforniture Sud were joined, creating the new reality called HALMAX GROUP.

Halmax Group is now qualified from all the quoted Clients and it counts, between its references, several systems that have been realized and installed, working independently or in Joint-Venture with Partners of complete reliability.

The new corporate boasts a vast range of possible realizations thanks to the agreements and collaborations with many national and foreign companies that allow us to face with easiness and competitiveness both short term projects and considerable productions. 


In 2003 occurs the first corporate re-organization, with  the target to qualify the company as an EPC-type (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) for Clients such as GE, Ansaldo, Avio, etc, extending the engineering and consultancy services to the realization and installation of what projected.

This change paved the way for the company evolution and the new collaborations with customers and strategic providers. The company flexibility is the key which allows to face large or small business with unchangeable professionality and competence. Halmax has been always careful to any innovation, getting - in all these years - several certifications, qualifications and recognitions from the most important Industrial companies. Our production process is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 3834. All the Projects are in accordance to the main welding process which are qualified by EN 15614, ASME IX and AWS D1.1 – D1.6.


The last act of the new reorganization took place in 2016, when all the production activities were centralized in a unique area in the new production HUB, based in Gissi (CH).

Halmax is internally organized in two fields of competence: HALMAX SERVICE, related to general services, and HALMAX ENERGY, related to Green Energy’s services.